The Three Wishes

two wishes

“At least I want to survive until I hold my baby …” She told me quietly, and she stroked her large belly with her slender fingers. It was three more months until her due date. She looked abstract and detached from reality. I was overwhelmed by a flood of various emotions and could not hold back my tears. I was shouting in my mind, “Why? Why, God? She is a faithful Christian who loves you so much. Her husband and her two boys, and her unborn baby need her. And I don’t want to lose her either. She is my best friend and dear sister in Christ. She is too young to go to heaven. Maybe after forty years, but not now.” Continue reading

The Illusion

With the passage of time, the seasons were revolving around and around again. The hand of the clock was both cruel and merciful, and nothing could stop the ticking away of my life. Whether I was content or dissatisfied with my life, regardless, the flow of time was passing on. Nature, always punctual, always knowing when it’s time for the onset of the next season of life. Continue reading

The Farewell

Six months had passed since the four of us moved to this house. I liked our new house, particularly our tatami room (room with dried rush straw mat flooring).  When I opened the shoji door (sliding paper door), the scent of the green tatami grass filled the room. The room had an alcove in which my mother displayed a fresh flower arrangement. The rectangular table was matched with the burgundy red zabuton (Japanese cushion). This room felt solemn and austere. It created a wabi sabi space for me. Read More …

The Ephemeral Cherry Trees

I breathed deeply. The soft spring air touched my cheek gently and tenderly. The rows of cherry trees were in full blossom. They made long arches like a tunnel. Ever since I was a little child, this had always been my favorite park. As an innocent little girl, cheerful and full of energy, I had played most every day until the skies took on a wine hue, and my mother came to take me home. Read More …

The Lullaby

An unusually quiet morning … no bustling city noises, only a hushed stillness. I opened the curtain. No wonder I didn’t hear any sounds this morning. The white snow covered every corner of our backyard. No cars, no public buses or any people in the street. Our winter break had just begun two days ago, and I was grateful that I didn’t have to go to school today. Read More …