My very first Bible from a dear sister in Christ, Mariko


I woke up in the morning, worked hard for eight hours, went home and rested, and fell exhaustedly into bed. Every day was just the same as the day before. I began to wonder what was my purpose in life? “I will do the same things tomorrow and even ten years from today, I’ll be doing the same stuff,” I thought. At last I had found the life which I had always dreamed of; a good job with a high paying salary, a small but nice apartment, a brand new Suzuki Samurai, and my own freedom. Before long, I realized that none of these things actually could satisfy and fill the big empty holes in my heart. In fact, the more I enjoyed my possessions and this life I had created, the more my heart grew dry and cracked. Continue reading

The Beautiful Feet – Part Two

I didn’t hear the sound of the footsteps, but the Beautiful Feet were walking towards me long before I was born …

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Finally, I could breathe deeply now that I was no longer suffocating under the restraints of my stepfather and mother’s home. I was on my own and independent. I had my own cozy apartment, my own fulfilling job, and my own brand new car. I had just purchased a new metallic blue Suzuki Jimny (Samurai), so that I Continue reading

The Illusion

With the passage of time, the seasons were revolving around and around again. The hand of the clock was both cruel and merciful, and nothing could stop the ticking away of my life. Whether I was content or dissatisfied with my life, regardless, the flow of time was passing on. Nature, always punctual, always knowing when it’s time for the onset of the next season of life. Continue reading