Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine award

Thanks to Mara for your nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I love Mara’s blog because whenever I read her posts they bring back my old memories in Japan! I am looking forward to reading her new experiences in Japan!

Here are the rules of the Sunshine Award:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions from your nominator.
  3. Nominate bloggers whose work inspires you.
  4. Give them the ten questions to answer.
  5. Post the Award’s rules.

Here are the answers to the questions from Mara:

What country do you want to visit one day? — Madagascar!

Which do you prefer?  Sweetened or unsweetened ice tea?Unsweetened green tea!

What’s your favorite book? — Bible.

Why did you start blogging? — To share what God has done in my life and introduce a cross cultural perspective.

Whom do you admire the most? — Dr. John Piper.

How many languages do you speak? — Japanese (Kansai- ben!), English, and little bit of Italian.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the world? — Traveling!

Do you like pets?  What pet would you want? — Love, love, love, my cutie dog (Pug and Border terrier mix).

What topics do you like blogging about? — Cross cultural topics and Christianity.

What is your dream in life? — To travel all over the world (196 countries!). So far, I have traveled to 20 countries, so 176 more countries to go!

I understand that the “Sunshine Blogger Award” is for blogs that are “positive, creative, and inspirational”. Thus, I would like to nominate these interesting blogs which I enjoy.

Bonsai – San

Yoshida – San

Portraits of Wildflowers

Travels and Trifles

The River Walk

Tohoku Bento

Michael Phillip Atkins Travels

Rhythm in Life

These are my questions to my nominees above:

  1. Where is your favorite destination for vacationing?
  2. How many countries have you traveled to?
  3. What is the strangest food you have eaten (or drank)?
  4. What is your favorite movie?
  5. Why did you start blogging?
  6. How many languages do you speak (or understand)?
  7. What is your most “sunshine”-filled day in your life?
  8. Who has inspired you the most?
  9. What is your goal in life?
  10. Which season is your favorite (both/either the four seasons and/or the seasons of life)?

I am sure we all experience rainy days and storms in our lives. But let’s count our sunshine-filled days! Happy blogging y’all!

9 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. rhythminlife April 15, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    Thank-you Tomi for this nomination. It’s very humbling and very kind of you to do. I will work on responding as soon as possible. Perhaps by Monday or Tuesday. God bless you my dearest sister and have a wonderful Easter as we celebrate Grace at it’s finest through our Risen Savior.💞

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Narrow Bamboo Gate April 18, 2017 / 8:20 am

      I’ve been learning about Japanese literature from your blog! I’m looking forward to reading your new posts! あなたのブログはとても勉強になります!ありがとうございます!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. MaraExploresJapan April 21, 2017 / 11:30 am

    I loved reading your post. You got yours out so fast. I’m so impressed. It was great reading your answers. Keep that sunshine going 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Narrow Bamboo Gate April 21, 2017 / 10:01 pm

      It was fun to do! Thanks for nominating me with the others. I like how the blogging community encourages each other. ありがとう!

      Liked by 1 person

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